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Give as you earn

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In these uncertain times, UK charities need our help now more than ever.

Payroll giving, or give as you earn, is the easiest way for you to give to the Disability Law Service straight from your salary.

Using payroll giving, donations are taken each payday from your salary before tax, which means more money goes to your chosen charity.

Some employers will also match your gift, so the Disability Law Service gets twice as much via the give as you earn scheme. You should check with your employer or pension provider if they run a Payroll Giving scheme.

The Government gives us the income tax you would have paid on the amount you donate from your salary or your pension, so we get more without you paying more.

The tax relief amount depends on which tax band you are in. For example, for every £10 you give, the Disability Law Service actually gets:

  • £12.50 if you are a 20% (basic rate) tax payer
  • £16.67 if you are a 40% (higher rate) tax payer
  • £18.18 if you are a 45% (additional rate) tax payer