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What is employment law?

Employment law is constantly changing, but relates to all matters within to the workplace, including employee rights and obligations employers have to their employees.

Common issues in employment law are discrimination and/or harassment, redundancy or dismissals, maternity or parental rights, health and safety, changes in working hours and conditions, unpaid wages, bullying, and any other employment-related matter.

Disputes are usually first raised internally, but these can escalate to a tribunal or go to court. We understand the stress and strain that an unhappy work environment can have on your health and family, particularly if you are disabled or are a parent/carer with a disabled child, which is why we offer total support to ensure you are treated fairly and your voice is heard.

How we can help

The expert team at the Disability Law Service has experience providing employment advice and representation to disabled people. We can advise on all areas of employment law including:

What happens next?

We can provide advice over the phone or in writing. As a legal charity we are currently only able to provide representation, including tribunal appearances, for cases in London.

While we can only provide full support for matters in London, we do provide free advice and support across England and Wales via phone or in writing. You contact us by phone or email us directly at employment@dls.org.uk. Alternatively, you can contact us via our online contact form.

Our success stories

Amanda’s story

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Zelda’s story

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Employment Resources

We have put together some resources and factsheets on employment law, which may be helpful if you are considering initiating a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for a claim to go through an Employment Tribunal?

Once your claim has been filed to an Employment Tribunal, it can take anywhere between three and six months to process before a hearing date is set – sometimes longer.

What happens at an Employment Tribunal?

Your case will progress through the Employment Tribunal process to a hearing, either in person or by video conference. You and any witnesses will need to attend the hearing to give evidence under oath.

We at the DLS will put forward your case at the hearing, while your employer will be given the opportunity to respond to your claim and ask any questions. Once all the evidence has been heard, a judge will provide a legally binding verdict on the case.